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A short experimental hybrid video exploring new forms of narrative, multilingual and multi-cultural relations, and synthesis of affect and logic. The work is in the final stages of post-production. Pre-screened in "I Rise" exhibition, in Oklahomo art space, Chicago. This work is being submitted to festivals and is not public yet. Please contact for an audition link.

[Tales of Excavating Jila's Past Intersected with That of the Artist]

On a Shore Rested a Body (excerpt)

Directed, designed, and edited by Armin Hayrapetian. 
Performed by Armin Hayrapetian in collaboration with Sami Ismat as a performer, Divyamaan Sahoo as the sound designer, and Aram Atamian as the producer.
Videographers Carlos Augusto De Oliveira and Branislav Jankic.
New Blood Festival, Links Hall, Chicago (2018).

An excerpt experiment of documentation methods of the performance, reflecting a different experience from the original complete work.

Melik and Rafik
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