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  • Currently, writing a coming-of-age short-story collection taking place in the post-war Iran of the late 80s throughout the 90s. The first story, "Wet Behind the Ears," was performed, with the title "The Barbershop", as part of the Inner Compulsion exhibition curated by Elnaz Javani in OGGI Gallery in Chicago in 2019. Three other stories have been read on several occasions in SAIC. The stories are in English. 2019-2022.

  • "Frames." A short story composed of several shorter stories resonating with each other, connected to prison, life, death, and freedom. 2020.

  • "Martin." A short screenplay. 2018.

  • Senior editor and translator for "Omid Journal," Omid Festival theatre journal, Iran 2012.

  • "The Winter Caravanserai." Short story in Persian. 2011/2013.

  • "Sweet Nature." Flash fiction in Persian and English. 2008.

  • Writing coach and revising the short screenplay called "The Balcony" by Elika Rezaee for Disney Launchpad. 2021.

  • The dramaturgy of the play "You Weren't There" by Saeedeh Tahmasbi. Awarded as the best play in Divar Playreading Festival, Iran 2012.

  • The dramaturgy of the play "Pastomerina" by Mohammad Shams, for festival production, Tehran-Shiraz, 2013.

  • Creative writing workshops with Hossein M. Abkenar, Iran (2011-2012) , Los Angeles (2016-2017).

  • Playwriting workshop with AmirReza Koohestani, Iranian Artists Forum, (2012).

  • Creative writing workshop with Shiva Arastoee, Karnameh Art Institute, Iran (2009).

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